works by frances duncan libeau

i.e. crazy




Sound Design

Frances Duncan Libeau (fka Claire Duncan) is an interdisciplinary artist  from Aotearoa New Zealand.

Her sound designs, music, videos and writing bleed across territories of alternative music, theatre and art. Duncan’s work often explores the textural and semantic possibilities of collaging found/foraged and recycled sounds.

Sound design collaborations include Sriwhana Spong’s Now Spectral, Now Animal (2020), Edinburgh Arts Festival/Auckland Art Gallery(recently nominated for the 2020 Walters Prize); Biljana Popovich's Synthetic Baby (2018), Physics Room; Sriwhana Spong's a hook but no fish (2018), Pump House Gallery / Govett Brewster Gallery;  Madhan/Croft/Frankovich's Medusa (2018), Zanetti Productions; and countless collaborations with PICTVRE (Veronica Crockford-Pound).

Her ongoing recorded and performance work as i.e. crazy (Non Compos Mentis; Muzai Records, 2017) explores the boundaries of civilised behaviour/sanity through similar exploratory modes of aural collage, and her participation in art-group Literal Fuck explores the potentialities for surprise and reinvention in performance contexts.

In 2015, Duncan wrote and directed the film documentary ode to creative self-expression Land of the Long White Stain. Her writing has appeared in Le Roy, Pantograph Punch, The Spinoff and more.


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