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i.e. crazy’s electric folklore explores the qualities of individuals on the brink; the obsessive lover, the amnesiac killer, the indifferent stranger, the stifled child. Melding narrative folk-song, industrial, noise and ambient influences, Libeau’s recorded output persistently draws on an array of found-sounds & NZ pop-cult/ure detritus. 

Exploring the neurotic horror of the banal erupting symbolically and violently in their home country of New Zealand, i.e. crazy roves through an unsettling and perverse array of human behaviours with a critical yet empathetic gaze, delving to scrape, sample and haunt the dregs of dirt we’d rather were left untouched.

Fiona Clark: Unafraid, dir. Lula Cucchiara, original score by Frances Libeau, 2022

Fiona Clark: Unafraid
dir. Lula Cucchiara (Cucchiara/Curious Films)

Original score, January 2022
Frances Libeau


Singles from the album Country Justice, i.e. crazy, 2022 

Country Justice
i.e. crazy

Recorded LP, 2022

Written, produced & recorded by Frances Libeau/Maggie Magee.
Mixed & mastered by James Goldsmith,

Women In Love
i.e. crazy

Performance project, 2019

Non Compos Mentis
i.e. crazy

Muzai Records, 2017

Produced by Maggie Magee. All songs by Maggie Magee with Sean Kelly & Catherine Cumming.

Performed with Maggie Magee, Seth Frightening, Catherine Cumming & Shab Orkestra.

Mixed by Sean Kelly.
Mastered by James Goldsmith.
Recorded between Magee’s home and the old family beach house in South Auckland, Non Compos Mentis sees Magee explore the refractions of small-town relationships, subjectively inhabiting the role of villain, victim and detective. As the mythic wandering womb travels around the body to hysteric effect, the songs duck in and out of allusory narrative alcoves. Teasing out moral standpoints with delicious care and a perverse pleasure, the boundaries of prescribed “sanity” are blurred. Where the real Maggie lies is anyone’s guess.


Shab Orkestra ft. i.e. crazy
Grotesque (October Skin)

Shab Orkestra, 2016

Words & voices by i.e. crazy.
Rest by Shab Orkestra.
Recorded by Joshua Lynn, Shab, i.e. crazy.
Dress and plate the buttered beast
The meat turns bitter ‘fore the feast

Nostalgia (Shocking Pinks)
i.e. crazy & Seth Frightening

From Translation, A Low Hum, 2016

Written by Shocking Pinks.
Performed, produced and recorded by Maggie Magee & Seth Frightening at Bach 62. 
Innocence is a sinking ship

Cock-shaped Copper Pipe
Diana Tribute ft. i.e. crazy

From Imbibing, Freezing Works, 2015

Written by i.e. crazy & Diana Tribute.
Mixed by Jackson Hobbs. 
Mastered by Joshua Lynn. 
I admit at the end of my years, it’s a cheap sequined variety store fight, in a city like this

Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
Dear Time’s Waste

Scrappy Disk, 2012

Recorded & mixed by Claire Duncan.
Mastered by Dale Cotton.

Some Kind of Eden
Dear Time’s Waste

Scrappy Disk/Universal (NZ); Spunk (AU); 2012

Written, performed and recorded by Claire Duncan. 

Mixed & mastered by Dale Cotton.

Steeped in the gothic permanence of early Cure and the cloud-skipping gaze of Garlands era-Cocteau Twins, Some Kind Of Eden works in a playful orbit, dancing between the lightness and weight of experience with cold purpose and red desperation.

Dear Time’s Waste

Isaac Promotions/FMG 2010

Recorded by Claire Duncan with Brent Harris, Rikki Sutton, Michael Ramirez & Rosemarie Powell.
Mixed & mastered by Dale Cotton.

Room for Rent
Dear Time’s Waste

Isaac Promotions/FMG, 2009

All songs written by Claire Duncan.
Recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Djeisan Suskov.

Born from sleepy disillusionment with life in Auckland's leafy suburbs, Dear Time's Waste paints an aural picture of soft water-colour with a grey wash of light that is - according to one listener - 'akin to a morning orgasm'. Dear Time's Waste's debut EP Room for Rent has emerged from the earth shaking the soil from its limbs, after six solid months recording in a rambling hospice.