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Libeau’s taste for the acerbic, odd and intertwined see them exploring through poetry and prose as often as sound. Obsessions with creative marginality,  interiority and psychogeography persist.

Overland 242 

sea-tree emblem
Judith Wright Poetry Prize 2021 (third equal)

Poem by Frances Libeau
Overland 242
Autumn 2021

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sea-tree emblem’ probes at a haunted ecosystem of transcultural postcolonial memory (or lack thereof), spinning through a network of entangled violences, madnesses and mythologies.

Judging notes: ‘Works with carefully placed caesurae, considered enjambment and striking imagery, to create a subtle atmosphere of disturbance...The poem evokes unsettling and unresolved absences, which accrue around the eponymous emblem—an unstable sign throughout—becoming itself a kind of ‘ghost-text’, at once concrete and compelling, elusive and haunting.’

Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2021

making a killing
Second equal in poetry


Poems by Frances Libeau
Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2021
Ed. Tracey Slaughter
Massey University Press, 2021

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‘... a fragmented energy... cutting and airy and exposed by empty space.’

– Sophie van Waardenberg, The Friday Review, ANZ Literature.

DUIRVAS, Owen Connors & Laura Duffy, 2020

Blue Oyster Art Project Space is pleased to present DUIRVIAS, a showing of new works by Laura Duffy and Owen Connors, with writing by Frances Duncan.

DUIRVIAS contains works derived from transmissions received in the presence of two memorials in Tāmaki Makaurau dedicated to those who passed of AIDS-related illnesses: Memorial Tree and The Circle of Friends.

DUIRVIAS is accompanied by 'I will leave you all my body' an online text by Frances Duncan.

Still from Hollywood Ave, Selina Ershadi, 2017

Ave Teth; artist biography; Claire Duncan; 2018

Aldous Harding; artist biography; Claire Duncan; 2016

An artist of rare calibre and intensity, Aldous Harding does more than sing. Her body and face a weapon of theatre, Harding dances with steeled fervor in and through an omnium gatherum of emotions.

Land of the Long White Stain; HD/handycam documentary film; written by Claire Duncan; 2015

Land of the Long White Stain
A Love Letter to Music on the Margins

Lumière Industries 2015

Written and Directed by Claire Duncan
Produced by Melinda Jackson
Director of Photography: Joe Hitchcock
Editor: Luke McPake
Series Producer: Tim Wong
‘Claire Duncan’s ‘love-letter to music on the margins’ punctures the romantic view of the touring musician (with withering narration playing over images of rural backwaters) while simultaneously affirming the virtues of self-expression, and the special transience of live performance. Featured are interviews and arresting performances from some of NZ’s most singular new artists: Seth Frightening, i.e. crazy (the director’s musical alias) and Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing.’

– NZ on Screen

A Quick Countdown to Set the Tempo; Lance Pearce; exhibition text  by Claire Duncan; RM Gallery; 2015.

Billy Apple®, A Requested Subtration, 10 April 1974, 1971–4, silver gelatin print, printed paper with handwritten annotations.

Hanging on to the Edge of the World; Claire Duncan; Pantograph Punch 2014; photo by Jenna Todd.

A Dream of a Fantasy: Looking for Lori Watt; Claire Duncan; Pantograph Punch 2013; photo by Lori Watt.